Disney® Tron designs Corian®
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Ernestomeda has marked Milan Design Week (11-17 April 2011) by taking part in the “Tron designs Corian®” exhibition on the theme of the “TRON: Legacy” movie by Walt Disney Studios, contributing aspecial concept kitchen designed by the AquiliAlberg international architecture & design firm of Milan. The kitchen and dining area has been produced with a special combination of DuPont™ Corian® techo-surfaces, which incorporate a high-tech electroluminescent film withgreat visual impact. Creativity and innovation meet design to generate a concept of immense expressive strength. The entire installation is an original project providing an amazing set that immerses users in the digital universe into which Sam and Kevin Flynn, the two main characters in the Disney 3D adventure, are catapulted.

“Tron Legacy technological
innovation and futuristic
environments, project and
capture our emotions,
pushing our minds towards
new worlds and lands far
away in time. The use
of lighting effects applied
to movements and the
generating of a continuous
flow of wrapping lines, its
simply spectacular. The fluidity
of the film define the rhythm,
marked by skillful counterpoint
and compelling music by Daft Punk”.

AquiliAlberg (architects/designers)
Ernestomeda proposes a
visionnary and experimental 
projectincluding a free
standing kitchen island, a
modularshelving system
 and atable.  AquiliAlbergdevelops
an alternative vision of a residential
space where the vital interaction
between the various elements,
as in anatural ecosysytem, creates
a flowing interplay of reactions
and adjustments. The shape is
moulded, curved and formed by
the actions of its own constituting
elements which are, in turn,
influenced by the systemic variations.