Z. Island by Zaha Hadid
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未來世界的廚房 - Z.ISLAND. 


In Z.Island kitchen the cooking island (with hob and hotplate) is extended and curves along the right hand edge;
washing island(with sink draining area and completely hidden built-in dishwasher) is hexagonal and compact.
Z.Island  is a multi-sensorial kitchen  conceived by architect Zaha Hadid in collaboration with Ernestomeda and  DuPont. Z.Island brings concrete innovations that will be useful for the processing of the materials, the structural organisation and the integration ofadvanced technologies.

火與水的中島設計,由設計師 Zaha Hadid 所設計的 Z.Island系列, 為 Ernestomeda 創照了充滿未來科技感的廚房。